Anna’s advice to Mr and Mrs Edwards as featured in the Daily Telegraph:

In the bank, this money will lose value to inflation. In stocks and shares, value can be eroded in the space of a day.

Residential property, however, tends to hold and grow its value, making it an attractive investment option to protect the Edwards’ wealth.

Savills estate agents has forecast mainstream house prices will grow by 17.4pc over 2022 to 2026, which equates to average growth of 3.48pc per year.

Market growth is a helpful indicator, but not all property is equal. There are many considerations: geography, type of property, quality of property and type of tenant.

To protect their wealth, the Edwards should invest in property in locations with stable and growing values. They should consider areas with stronger jobs markets, transport infrastructure, amenities and inward investment (from government and private companies). One helpful indicator is where major supermarkets locate, as they tend to choose areas with strong current and future demand.

The Edwards need to make sure there are good reasons for people to want to live in the area in five, 10 and 20 years’ time; examples include Bolton, Derby and Hastings. With a good agent, they should not need to visit regularly.

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