Series three continues with one of the world’s leading brand experts, design agency founder and TEDx speaker Steve Edge, whose clients range from Cartier to the UK’s leading Build to Rent operators. Steve joins Anna Clare Harper to discuss innovative branding for people and places. He shares his tips for finding your unique brand strategy and explains how the power of branding can add value to your business in the current property market.

With a fascination for the arts from a young age, Steve started his career in a top London graphic studio and was soon picked to work on Star Wars and Raiders of The Lost Ark films. Steve established his own design agency over thirty-five years ago, yet his branding expertise still remains in high demand by leading names such as Cartier, Dior, Skanska, Fortnum and Mason, Hamleys, Purdey Gun and Rifle Makers, and Essential Living. Steve believes that storytelling is key to successful branding. He works closely with clients to understand what makes them unique and incorporates this into the big idea behind the design.

In this episode of The Return, Steve tells us why it’s important to make your brand message inspirational instead of ‘informational’ in order to stand out in a crowded marketplace. He believes it’s a scientific process when building a bold branding story that pushes the limits in an industry that’s historically been slow to adapt to trends such as property.

Whether you are selling or investing, if you’re interested in finding out how to stand out from the crowd in this competitive digital world, this episode is for you.