How to adapt your strategy in the face of change - free chapter of the book

The most valuable commodity in investment at the moment is arguably not oil, or data, but certainty.

One clear opportunity we’ve been given is the chance to reflect, review and adapt. If you’re not certain or confident that your property investment strategy is going to work going forward, or it’s not working now, then it’s vital to adapt in a way that is considered and strategic, rather than erratic or emotionally-driven.

For those who are not sure how to do so, I wanted to share a free chapter from the book I’m publishing later this month – the topic couldn’t be more relevant or important: How to adapt your strategy in the face of change. 

The book, Strategic Property Investing: What works and what doesn’t in a complex UK residential property market, will be on special launch promotions on 30th April 2020 for the ebook, and 14th May 2020 for physical book.

I’ve partnered with the brilliant Asif Qasim’s #letsbeatcovid – – and all the profits will be going towards the amazing work they are doing to get frontline NHS workers enough of the right protective gear, as a small token of appreciation for the incredible work the NHS are doing. 

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