FREE CHAPTER OF THE BOOK: Strategic Property Investing: What works and what doesn’t in a complex UK residential property market

To help answer some of the ‘most asked questions’ of the moment about the property market in these uncertain, fast-changing times and to highlight the official paperback launch date (14th May), here’s another free chapter of the book, which seems to have struck a chord with investors and recently became an Amazon #1 bestseller.

This chapter highlights the most important changes that residential property investors need to know about and puts the impacts of #coronavirus on the property market into context.

Perhaps the ‘most asked question’ I’ve had from investors over the last few months is, ‘what does Coronavirus mean for you?’, often with a follow up, ‘is the housing market about to crash?’

My answer, as always, is that broad brush #statistics and forecasts are not particularly helpful for investors; we don’t have one housing market.

Some parts of the market (e.g. non-prime regional rental housing) continue to perform well. Others (e.g. prime, internationally-targeted newbuild developments) — not so much.

It’s all about supply and demand. Find out more about what’s really driving the property market via the chapter, and visit if you’d like to get a copy. All profits go to

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