Anna’s comments featured in Daily Mail, Evening Standard and The Independent

House prices grew by 13.6% in the year to August, fuelled by shortage of supply and long-term growth in demand. This data is the most reliable of all house price indices since it reflects the whole of the market from official government figures. However, it’s also the slowest of the house price indices, and as […]

Anna comments on property market trends for Financial Times Adviser

I wrote a piece for the Financial Times recently on key trends and problems in the residential market, including:– Massive inequality between generations – a problem getting worse not better despite rhetoric and policy shifts– Flatlining real estate emissions – despite a lot of conversation and growing reporting/compliance requirements.Solving #housing market problems is no easy task. Arguably one of […]

SPI Capital advises Telegraph reader in their Money Makeover feature

Thanks The Telegraph for asking my business SPI Capital to advise on a reader problem for the Money Makeover feature.

In many ways, the reader’s problems were similar to the clients we work with day to day: he wanted to improve the performance of his existing investments, and grow a passive income to supplement his pension.