Celebrating Women in Property

Somebody recently told me (not for the first time), that it’s hard to find good women in property to present at events. It just so happens that I’ve had some amazing women on my podcast recently including: Jessica Pilz, Head of Sustainable Investing at £90bn asset manager, Fiera Capital Emma Long, Head of Business Strategy, […]

House prices in 2023 fell 1.8%

House prices fell 1.8% in the last year. The ‘problem’ for many is that house prices are highly emotive. A 1.8% nominal house price fall (which of course reflects a much higher real fall) is expected and deliberate. 

Anna comments on the latest house and rental price data

Double whammy of data today on house prices and rental prices. Firstly, and from a social perspective most importantly: average private rental prices paid by tenants in the UK officially rose by 6.2% in the year to November 2023.  This statistic under-estimates the reality many renters face, in particular the 1 in 4 who move […]

Anna responds to BBC article about sharp uptick in mortgage arrears

The number of landlords in mortgage arrears has doubled since last year. Professional institutions have a duty and an opportunity to step in to provide safe, affordable, sustainable homes, without which the severe shortage of quality rental homes in the UK will only get worse. Please reach out if you are allocating institutional capital to residential, very happy to […]

Navigating the Current Housing Market: Anna Quoted in The Times

The Times shared Anna’s thoughts on what to do in the current housing market. The context is: 1. Transactions have fallen 17% annually and 2. The gap between asking prices and offers that are accepted is growing. For sellers – dropping prices sooner makes sense. For investors like those we are working with now – […]

Anna speaks to BBC Radio 5 Live about a recent housing news story

Anna Clare Harper

A couple of weeks ago, Anna chatted to BBC 5 Live about a recent housing news story.
In this story, unfortunate residents at a housing development were forced to take legal action when developers failed to deliver legally agreed amenities. The story made it to Labour Party conference speeches.

Anna comments on the interest rates pause

It will be a relief to the two million households with mortgages on variable rates, or with their fixed rates coming to an end by the end of this year that base rates have been held this month. However, we are not yet ‘out of the woods’. Inflation remains high, meaning that base rates are […]