Hi, I’m Anna. I am a Property Investment Strategist, Entrepreneur and Podcast Host. I Co-Founded Anglo Residential, a UK property fund I developed the strategy for. The business has raised seed capital to build a £100m+ portfolio aligned with market trends to deliver income and growth. My passion project is hosting ‘The Return’, which has become one of the highest-ranking podcasts in the ‘property investment’ space on iTunes.

Strategic Property Investing: The Quick Guide to UK Residential Property

For more than 20 years, UK residential property has been seen as one of the best investments available. The trouble is, the market has changed. Approaches which worked before are now less profitable, if profitable at all, at a time when investing for the future has never been more important.

To succeed in this fast-changing, uncertain context, investors need to be more strategic, and they need to understand and navigate a complicated market.

The first part of this book addresses how the market has changed. The second part is a simple guide based on the methodology I have developed to help investors make better decisions and minimise the risk of missing out or losing time and money, in any market.

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