Anna is a property investor, strategist and author

She specialises in working with investors who have funding, but don’t have the capacity to invest in property alone. 

Her book, Strategic Property Investing: What works and what doesn’t in a complex UK residential property market became an Amazon Best Seller in Real Estate and Investing. The book, her podcast and regular articles and blogs share insights on property and investing from her career as an investor and strategist, including working with major global banks and private equity firms at Deloitte, partnering with High Net Worth Investors on specific property deals, and academic insights from studying Land Economy at Cambridge. 

Her focus is on working with investors to achieve sustainable profits from property, without the hassle. Most recently, she Co-Founded and developed the property strategy for Anglo Residential, a UK property fund. The business secured seed capital to build a £150m rental housing portfolio. 

Her vision – explored in a recent TedX talk  – is about opening up opportunities to invest in a way that is profitable and sustainable, whilst helping to reduce inequalities of opportunity in housing, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal of reduced inequalities. 

Anna welcomes new business, speaking or media enquiries.

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Strategic Property Investing: What works and what doesn’t in a complex UK residential property market

Amazon #1 Best Seller in Real Estate and Investing, first published in April 2020.

“★★★★★ – A well-written, informative and insightful guide to property investing in the current climate.” – AL, London

“★★★★★ – Brilliant guide on property investing, a clear summary of what’s changed in UK property. Would highly recommend.” – BK, Somerset

“Timely, clear and concise advice which will help you to avoid the mistakes that many of us make in residential property investment.” – University of Oxford Professor Andrew Baum 

This book was designed to be:

“a clear, reliable guide to what’s really happening in the UK residential property market, and what investors can do about it.” 

For investors with funding but limited time who wish to grow their wealth safely through investing in UK residential property, this book is a must.

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