The Return: Property & Investment Podcast

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I host ‘The Return: Property & Investment Podcast’, which ranks amongst the top ‘property investment’ podcasts on iTunes. 

The Return discusses changes, challenges and opportunities in UK property and investment with experts in the field. It is designed to enable investors to spot opportunities and avoid common mistakes in a complex market.

Recent guests include:

  • The Head of UK Residential Research at one of the leading property consultancies, Savills
  • The CEO and Co-Founder of the UK’s leading property crowdfunding platform, CrowdProperty
  • The Founder of the UK’s leading Modular Construction Company, Reds10
  • The CEO of the UK’s largest private pension fund, USS.

Listener reviews include:

‘The best property podcast out there – ★★★★★’​ – Oliver, London
‘Great guests and a charmer of a host – ★★★★★’​ – Pete, Hampshire
‘Compelling, insightful and easy to listen to – ★★★★★’​ – Ben, Somerset

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