I’m a UK property investor and strategist focused on the residential market. 

I Co-Founded Anglo Residential, a UK fund that has secured seed capital to build a £100m+ portfolio of high yielding housing. I host one of the highest-rated podcasts in the UK ‘property investment’ space on iTunes, and provide board level guidance to a small number of private clients looking to access residential opportunities, in this complex market.

My upcoming book, ‘Strategic Property Investing’, shares the methodology I’ve developed through 10+ years focused on property, investment and strategy:

– At Cambridge, where I did a RICS-accredited degree in Land Economy; 

 – At Deloitte, where I worked for 5 years in Strategy / Private Equity; and 

 – Through my businesses, which have led many millions of pounds worth of deals. 

The book – and the work I do – is designed for the type of investor who has access to funds, and wants to grow their wealth and leave a lasting, positive legacy, but doesn’t have deep experience in the sector, or can’t see a clear path in this complex market. 

I believe the best approaches to investing centre on more than just quick profits: they resolve real problems, deliver sustainable returns, and leave a lasting positive legacy. Beyond profit, my vision is to use investing to help 1 million people in line with the UN sustainable development goal of Reduced Inequalities, including through:

 – Investing profitably whilst delivering quality, affordable housing to the people and places that need it, to resolve the UK’s housing crisis 

 – Sharing information, in particular through talks and my podcasts, which have had hundreds of thousands of downloads

 – Opening up opportunities, including through alternative finance (e.g. crowdfunding) platforms

 – Giving back as part of business, including in partnership with B1G1

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